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Readers, friends, family, complete strangers—I need your help!

My novel PLOWED FIELDS was published last year, and it’s been an amazing experience. I’ve crisscrossed Georgia for book signings and speaking opportunities, done radio interviews and chatted with book clubs. Old friends and strangers have contacted me to talk about the story and what it meant to them. Most of all, I’ve learned the bookselling business is hard but so much fun if you have the right attitude.

PLOWED FIELDS probably will never be a bestseller but the book has done steady business. I’ve reached my original sales goal for the book and am now pushing forward with a new target. And that’s where I need your help.

 On Wednesday and Thursday of this week (May 20-21), the first book in the PLOWED FIELDS Trilogy Edition (it was published as both a full-length novel and as a trilogy) will be available as a free download on Amazon. I’m asking everyone to please download the free eBook, even if you’ve already purchased a previous copy of the full-length novel.

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